This profile is published as part of Pledge 1%’s Women Who Lead series, which celebrates women in the Pledge 1% community who are creating change within their workplace and communities.


Julia Moran is the Director of Growth at  She has been in this position for nine months.  Read the full interview below to learn more about Julia’s career journey and what inspires her.

Q1:  What inspired you to work in this industry?

PandaPay sits at the intersection of tech and social good, which I think has obvious appeal! It’s fascinating to work in tech – things move so quickly, I have the opportunity to work with incredibly smart, innovative people, and I’m always encouraged to push the envelope. When you apply that level of forward-thinking to the world of social good, you have a chance to make a real impact on the world – which I find inspiring every day!

Q2:  What would you tell women who are looking to work in tech?  Any advice on how they can build their career?

It’s no secret that tech is a male-dominated (and occasionally even sexist) industry – so I’ve definitely found it tough at times to succeed in the “boys club”. My advice is to just do what you came here for. Work hard. Take initiative. And don’t take any sh*t (can I say that??). Any decent company culture will see your value regardless of gender. And if the company culture isn’t decent, pull a Susan Fowler 😉