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By 97th Floor

For the past five years 97th Floor has championed #20Helps. The movement’s mission is simple: Demonstrate the positive power of money by setting aside a $20 bill for good. Each year 97th Floor sends its clients and friends a $20 bill in their holiday card with warm greetings and an invitation to spread good.

Every year this movement touches thousands of people. 

Since its inception in 2014, the movement’s focal point has been on doing the most good with a $20 bill. And while this focus remains, new elements join the campaign each year. For example giving 20 minutes of time instead of money, or tracking the impact of a specific $20 bill with the #20Helps app

At it’s five year anniversary, the #20Helps campaign continues to evolve. This year #20Helps is an invitation to connect with each other through a thoughtful service, which may include a $20 gift.

It’s true that a $20 bill can’t buy everything, but when gifted with the love and attention that can only come through genuine human connection, a $20 bill can elevate the lives of the receiver and the giver. 

Some examples include, sharing a book that was impactful to you to someone struggling or giving movies tickets and babysitting for new parents. 4

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We live in an artificially connect world. And we believe that a $20 bill can change that.