FinancialForce Celebrates Giving 1% of Time with FinancialForce4Good

By Tommy Jarvis, FinancialForce4Good Council Chair Here at FinancialForce, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the closing of our 2016 volunteerism efforts than to announce our formal commitment to the Pledge 1% community and their efforts to build a movement of corporate philanthropy. From its inception in 2009, corporate social responsibility, and [...]

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Small But Mighty: A Case for CSR at Small Businesses

By Marisa Lopez, Presence PG.  This post was originally published on Medium. We like to think everyone wants to make positive changes in the world. But where do you start? Corporate Social Responsibility sounds dutiful but veryexpensive, cumbersome, and, well, corporate. Small businesses may hear the of it and shy away for these reasons. However, [...]

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Vlocity and Salesforce Help Refugees Find H.O.M.E.

By Dan Israel, Vice President and General Manager, Vlocity This is a time of year when many around the world reflect on giving back to those less fortunate. This year, Vlocity is honored to reflect with Salesforce on a community project we started work on at the end of last year with WoodGreen Community Services, a [...]

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Creating “Change” with Jason Grad, Bstow

Bstow is a tech company with social impact at its very core. Jason Grad, CEO and Co-Founder, shares what it means to join a global movement of companies that have pledged 1%. Tell me about Bstow. Bstow is a platform that let’s people automatically donate spare change from everyday purchases to a nonprofit of their [...]

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So you joined Pledge 1%, now what? A guide to implementing the program at work

By Okta. More and more companies today are embarking on an important journey of corporate social responsibility programs and joining the Pledge 1% movement. Okta announced our program, Okta for Good, in August at our annual customer conference and since then we’ve put together the infrastructure, operations and key pieces to making the program a [...]

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Fireside Chat with Richard Eib of Careers In Salesforce

Careers In Salesforce is a market leading job site that connects employers seeking Salesforce talent, with candidates who are looking for their next career move. We recently caught up with their Founder and CEO, Richard Eib, for a fireside chat to learn more about why they joined Pledge 1% and what inspires them to #PledgeitForward on [...]

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From “Greed is Good” to “Greed for Good”

By Philipp Stauffer, Co-Founder and Managing Director, FYRFLY Venture Partners If you haven’t seen Gordon Gekko say “Greed is Good,” then go watch his speech in the movie Wall Street, released in 1987. Greed, for lack of a better word, is an important ingredient in capitalism and efficient markets. However, there is a movement and [...]

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Why Accomplice Joined Pledge 1% to Give 1% of Their Carry

When Accomplice CEO Jeff Fagnan pledged one percent of his company’s carry to the long-term benefit of two Boston-based nonprofits – InnerCity Weightlifting and Resilient Coders, he described the move as a “pledge to pay it forward if you become successful.” In remarks to the Boston Foundation, Fagnan elaborated that he was impressed with both [...]

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cPrime Excited to Continue Participation of #PledgeItForward campaign

By Zubin Irani, CEO, cPrime cPrime is happy to be members of the  Pledge 1% #PledgeItForward campaign. Mandating 1% of employee time to charitable causes is a social initiative that we’ve been contributing to for many years. We’re excited to share our continued involvement with organizations like Year Up, a non-profit organization dedicated to training [...]

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