Easy Agile’s Commitment to Pledge 1%

Easy Agile is an Australian based software company, creating agile apps in the Atlassian Marketplace. Their commitment to Pledge 1% began long before the birth of their company in 2015. Co-Founder's and Atlassian alumni, Nick Muldoon and Dave Elkan began their journey with Pledge 1% all the way back in 2007. It was then that [...]

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Giving Tuesday: AppExchange Partners Pledge 1%

See original post here. It's Giving Tuesday, and in the spirit of the holidays and helping others, the AppExchange team recently sought examples of how Salesforce partners are giving back to their communities, whether it be through product, equity, or the gift of time. In fact, we recently selected partner stories based on creativity, repeatability, [...]

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Innovation Station Puts Giving Front and Center

For foundations and most nonprofits, supporting issues and furthering causes is at the heart of what they do. And because of their status, these organizations are able to benefit from gifts and other third-party funding sources themselves. Whether its donations, volunteer hours, tax breaks, grants or other similar funding streams, special funds and gifts are [...]

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How Comalatech Gets a Distributed Team Involved in Giving

2017 marks the tenth year that Comalatech has been building software solutions inside the Atlassian ecosystem. A decade may have passed, but our core company values are still going strong. From the start, Comalatech has been committed to giving back to the communities we call home. But, as a distributed team that works in cities [...]

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Taking the 1% Pledge

By Ben Rooks, ST Advisors, Inc. After spending ten years of my career as a sell-side equity research analyst and six years as an investment banker, I began ST Advisors as a way to do the work I loved while living my values, one of which is intellectual integrity (something that was often challenging in [...]

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Why Cloud Co-Op joined the Pledge 1% Movement

Cloud Co-op joined the Pledge 1% movement with a commitment to pledge 1% of our profit and time to charitable causes in our community. Our Pledge 1% motto, “Plant seeds to grow where you live so others can benefit from you being there.” We believe that our success is tied to our local community and [...]

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Why we wouldn’t settle: a thought piece from our co-founders

Three and a half years ago, we set out on a radical mission to change the healthcare industry. We had friends and family diagnosed with cancer told to wear tube socks over their PICC lines and felt that there had to be something better. We wouldn’t and couldn’t accept that using a tube sock was the norm [...]

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Ada Diamonds joins Pledge 1%

By Jason Payne, CEO of Ada Diamonds, the world's first custom fine jeweler exclusively using laboratory-grown diamonds. My wife and I founded Ada Diamonds in 2015 on the belief that diamond jewelry should brighten the entire world, not merely the recipient's world. To achieve that goal, Ada Diamonds proudly utilizes real diamonds that are sustainably [...]

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hint® supports Pledge 1%

By Kara Goldin, founder and CEO, hint, inc.  Since creating hint® water to help myself and others break free from sugary and diet-sweetened drinks, I’ve heard from thousands of people who feel that drinking hint helps them live healthier lives. Their stories inspire us not only to continue our fight against the giant beverage companies but also to [...]

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