#Pledge1Gives: An Interview with Erin Baudo Felter, Executive Director, Okta for Good

What makes your giving program stand out?  Have you done a unique combination of time + product donation (or another combination)?  As a newer player in the corporate social impact space, we’re focusing heavily on learning and listening. Okta for Good is still fairly limited in breadth right now – and intentionally so. We’re in early [...]

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Out of Many, One

From day one, our mission at Postmates has been to help people unlock the best of their cities. While some companies try to build a warehouse outside of a city and funnel goods into it — we know that our cities, our towns and our communities are our warehouses. A big part of what we do is help local [...]

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Silverline Cares is creating a new example for companies to give back

An interview with Jill Harrison, Innovation Programs, Silverline CRM How do you contribute to the non-profit community? * 2017 marked Silverline’s 7th consecutive year sending a team of volunteer consultants and technology experts to the annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week conference in partnership with Salesforce. This team of ten spent a week in March donating [...]

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Pledging 1% of Profits the LoSoMo Way

By the team at LoSoMo. When our founder, Scott Romney, first heard of the 1% Pledge through a contact at Salesforce last year, it immediately resonated with his desire to make a difference as a business owner. He brought the idea back to our team, and we all jumped on board and took the pledge [...]

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Pledge 1% Meets (and is inspired by) James & SpringCM

SpringCM became a member of Pledge 1% in July 2017, and we’ve been hard at work giving back to our community since then. As a company, we’re proud of a lot of things, but two things in particular: our Chicago roots, and our team-focused culture. When we joined Pledge 1%, we wanted to make sure [...]

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Swipe Right on Corporate Responsibility – Why PandaDoc Chose to Give

By Scott Cunningham, Head of Alliances with a focus on Salesforce at PandaDoc.  Scott's an entrepreneur, investor, and child rights activist, with a love for emerging technology, start-ups, and innovative ideas.  He, his wife, and 3 children live in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah. Follow him on Twitter: @1c   Many businesses have the desire [...]

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Pluralsight One

In late September of this year, Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform, took a major step toward addressing the global technology skills gap and fulfilling its mission to democratize technology. The company launched Pluralsight One, a philanthropic arm dedicated to improving technology education and investing in technology-driven solutions to the world's greatest challenges. To fuel [...]

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Introducing WillowTree Social Impact and Pledge 1%

Since the earliest days of WillowTree in 2007, we’ve made it a point to contribute our expertise to helping local charities and organizations achieve their goals with digital solutions of a caliber that is often cost-prohibitive for the non-profit sector. Ten years on, we’re thrilled to have reached a size and capacity to allow us [...]

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