#GivingTuesday 2017: Classy Launches Real-Time Giving Hub and New Philanthropic Effort, “ClassyGives”

Just in time for #GivingTuesday, Classy is rallying behind the sector to contribute to the biggest giving day of the year. SAN DIEGO, Calif., Nov. 21, 2017 // As nonprofits prepare for #GivingTuesday, Classy—creator of world-class online fundraising tools—is doubling down on the biggest giving day of the year by launching a real-time giving hub [...]

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Salsify’s Guppy Tank is having a big impact on Boston students

By the team at Salsify. “I definitely see technology in my future.” Enthusiastic 6th grader, Mario Umana Academy, Boston As with most of the best ideas, it started with a bunch of smart women in a room. Some of the women at Salsify get together occasionally to share experiences, strategize about thorny problems, and perhaps [...]

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We Are With Women

By Amanda Deol, Addteq In the last blog on Spotlight on #BeBoldForChange Campaign at Addteq, we talked about our individual 2017 goals for the Women in Tech movement, and Pledge 1% growth at Addteq. Our goals were to empower women’s advancement, promote women’s education and promote gender equality. Now that we are nearing the end [...]

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Vera Solutions gives back through values-based employee recognition program

By Zak Kaufman, Co-Founder and CEO, Vera Solutions Each November, staff at Vera Solutions nominate peers for annual Recognition Awards, tipping their hats to teammates who have exemplified the company’s five values: Impact, Excellence, Sustainability, Teamwork, and Leadership. The five awards are announced publicly before the holidays on Veraforce, the company’s Salesforce-based system for managing [...]

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Making the Holiday Season More Joyful for Children Who Had it Rough

By the team at Stiltsoft. StiltSoft is an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner from Belarus. Being a Pledge 1% member since June 2016, the company is committed to giving back to its local community. The income from the sales of all new $10 licenses is donated to charities, nonprofit organizations and health institutions in Belarus. Part of [...]

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anarcon is applying their skills to help communities in need & encourage others to join them

By Pascal Wiedmann, Consultant, anarcon As a Munich-based software consultancy, anarcon endeavors to provide its customers with the highest quality services. Since summer 2017, we also dedicated ourselves to help people for whom it is not going so well in life and to contribute our part to environmental protection by joining Pledge 1%. Already via [...]

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Salesfix’s 1% Commitment

At Salesfix, our culture is still evolving. We are a SMB business with big dreams; not just for the business but for the impact we are capable of making on our community and the individuals within, including our own people. Our philanthropic values have become an integral piece of our day to day business, being [...]

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Nexus Notes aims high & involves their user community via Pledge 1%

By Joel Markoff, General Manager, Nexus Notes Founded in 2011 in Adelaide Australia, Nexus Notes is a peer to peer marketplace that allows high performing university and professional students to monetise their course summary notes by selling them to students across the globe. Buyers get the benefit of seeing how the top students prepare for exams, and sellers make a [...]

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