Marc Benioff: We Need a New Capitalism

As originally published on The current system has led to profound inequality. To fix it, we need businesses and executives to value purpose alongside profit. Capitalism, I acknowledge, has been good to me. Over the past 20 years, the company that I co-founded, Salesforce, has generated billions in profits and made me a very [...]

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Geopointe is Giving Back at Dreamforce 2019!

As originally published on Geopointe is Giving Back at Dreamforce 2019! How Geopointe, Salesforce & Pledge 1% are Making a Difference! Geopointe is excited to once again be joining Salesforce and Pledge 1% in their efforts to give back at Dreamforce 2019. Geopointe has committed to donate $1 to the American Red Cross for every event [...]

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4 Ways Startups Can Kick Off a Social Impact Program

As originally published on For entrepreneurs deep in the throes of building a company from the ground up, creating a social impact program is rarely a top priority. Building a formal program can seem daunting and time consuming, but committing to giving back in the early days doesn't have to be a grand gesture or investment-- you just have to [...]

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Entrepreneur to UN youth leader, Madhavi Shankar dreams big

As originally published on In recognition of her contribution, Madhavi, 29, was invited as a speaker to United Nations. BENGALURU: Madhavi Shankar is a young, passionate, socially committed entrepreneur who advocates equal educational opportunities through her start-up SpaceBasic- an interactive hurdle free application for student housing. In recognition of her contribution, Madhavi, 29, [...]

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Webkul’s Contribution in Corporate Social Responsibilities

As originally published on What is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that suggests that it is the responsibility of the corporations operating within society to contribute towards economic, social and environmental development that creates a positive impact on society at large. In short, Corporate Social Responsibility reflects a company’s sense of responsibility towards [...]

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How Okta Is Driving Social Good

As originally published on Identity management company Okta is a major advocate of the Pledge 1%. Here are some of the ways that Okta is driving social good. Okta, a company that has built a solution that helps organizations both big and small accomplish important missions, had taken an oath to Pledge 1% for [...]

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