Every year to celebrate Earth Day, we post tips and challenges in encouraging you to make your #PledgetoPreserve! This year, we are excited to work with a number of our members on collecting and sharing 22 tips and strategies for you, your teams, your customers, and your families to protect the planet. You can read the tips below or download our complete Climate Action & Green Recovery Playbook, co-written by Salesforce, DocuSign, and Silicon Valley Bank, to build environmentally-friendly practices into your business operations!The image shows the cover of the Climate Action and Green Recovery Playbook published in March 2021, with logos of companies DocuSign, Salesforce, and SVB.

Here are 22 ways for you to rethink your environmental impact whether you’re at home or at work:

  1. Reduce energy use by adjusting your thermostat. Did you know you can save 10% by dialing your thermostat back for just 8 hours? You can also experiment with your refrigerator temperature.
  2. Unplug devices when not in use. Products that are plugged in may still suck up energy. Avoid “vampire energy” loss and remember to unplug when you leave the room.
  3. Opt for energy efficient bulbs. Look for labels that tell you the product is energy efficient, such as EPEAT certified and ENERGY STAR in the US. 
  4. Repair leaky faucets: Small leaks are often overlooked and can lead to massive amounts of wasted water, a higher water bill, and potential property damage. 
  5. Update your showerhead: Low-flow showerheads reduce water and are easy to install. Newer designs that add pressure make it so that you may not even notice a difference.
  6. Buy local, in season food. Support sustainable farms and fisheries that utilize sustainable farming systems. These products are often noted with an indicator but don’t be afraid to ask your local grocer for suggestions as well!
  7. Plant a tree! The original act of protecting the planet. Find a tree species native to your region that you like, then visit your local nursery to purchase and plant your own tree seedlings!
  8. Grow an herb gardenindoor or outdoor. Growing your own herbs is an easy and fun way to directly connect with your food and to save money while sprucing up your meals. Plus, herb gardens can be grown indoors and take up minimal space.
  9. BYO whenever you can. Reduce your footprint by bringing your own bags when grocery shopping, reusable utensils for takeout, etc.
  10. Invest in a DIY project. Save some money while protecting the environment by opting to build your own product vs. buying something new. The DIY Network is a great resource.
  11. Educate yourself. There are a number of free resources that you and your teams can take advantage of to better educate yourself on the effects of climate change and what you can do as an organization to mitigate it. Check out this module from Salesforce: Create a Sustainable Future
  12. Plan activities around themes for the week. It’s easier to uphold your commitments when they sound memorable. Try going for Meatless Mondays, Waste Less Wednesdays or Forest Fridays.
  13. Volunteer in a cleanup program. Go solo, invite a friend or bring your entire team along! Barrel Bag invites individuals and businesses to conduct a quick community cleanup in support of Earth Day. Collect litter in your neighborhood, the beach, or a hiking trail where they aren’t supposed to be. Apps like Litterati collect data on discarded trash and are user-friendly!
  14. Lessen food waste. Practice home-cooking responsibly by planning your meals ahead. If you can’t avoid food delivery, skip the utensils and leave a note asking for the least amount of packaging possible!
  15. Learn how to compost. Your food waste shouldn’t end up in landfills which release methane gas. Throwing it in a compost bin will not only save the planet but also your wallet!
  16. Fix and recycle items worth saving. Be creative and look for solutions instead of buying something new! Check out this list of Earth Day activities to do with kids.
  17. Use cold water when doing your laundry. The enzymes in cold water detergent are designed to clean better in cold water. Also, reducing your loads to twice weekly can save up to 500 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.
  18. Watch documentaries about environmental issues. Switch your usual movie night to something more educational. Some of the most groundbreaking nature films and television series can be viewed online.
  19. Go digital. Move away from printed documents where possible. Learn how technology can help the planet by improving your digital skills for the workplace.
  20. Shift your purchases to local vendors. Not only is it an important way to keep money circulating within the local economy, but it also helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions from transport and shipping.
  21. Pick out rarely used items from your household or garage for resale. Protect the environment from generating more waste when others may find your items useful! Why not make a few bucks while you’re at it? Take a photo, send it to close friends, or upload it on your favorite online marketplace.
  22. Join advocacy groups or follow their pages. Sharing is caring! Learning from practitioners is also useful in fostering climate-friendly habits.

For more tips, tools, and advice from our members, visit our Twitter page or follow the hashtag #PledgetoPreserve from now until Earth Day (April 22)!