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It might be common for corporations to make charitable donations. But a few companies go above and beyond with their philanthropic work, with initiatives like food drives, cancer walks, and even volunteer bonuses. Fortune partner Great Place to Work combed through more than 350,000 staffer surveys to compile this list of the U.S. companies employees feel are doing the best job at giving back. Employees are asked detailed questions about how proud they are of their impact on the community, the difference they feel they make, and whether their work has special meaning. Outtakes of their responses are below.

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#1 Salesforce

Employees say: “This is an extraordinarily special place that really cares about its employees, customers, and community. We are strongly encouraged to give back. I have done everything from volunteering in a soup kitchen, to working at a children’s hospital in Morocco—all supported by the company. Most importantly, I look forward to coming to work everyday, working with our wonderful community, and doing satisfying, challenging work.”

“The thing I think that most separates

[Salesforce] from other companies is the focus on giving back. Personally, it provides me with a greater sense of purpose when I come in each day.”

Worldwide Employees: 22,070

Industry: Information Technology

HQ location: San Francisco

Total Philanthropic Donations: $137,000,000

Offers PTO for Volunteering: Yes

Offers Employee Matching Funds: Yes

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