Originally published on the Eventerprise blog.

Zurich, Switzerland, 15 September 2017 – Global events platform, Eventerprise has today announced the official launch of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – Africa’s Got Digital Talent. It’s goal is to provide career-defining digital and entrepreneurial skills to talented young African students who are keen to participate in Eventerprise’s international Young Gun internship program, but who may not have the financial resources to make it a reality.

Research conducted by Eventerprise indicated that a lack of access to financial resources, transport, and digital resources such as laptops and broadband internet are preventing many students from  completing internships that could launch their careers. This has prompted Eventerprise’s outreach to international corporations and foundations to sponsor these young people so that they can travel to Eventerprise’s operational hub in Cape Town, South Africa and participate in their Young Gun internship program.

Says Eventerprise CEO, Götz Thümecke, “Technology is central to our daily lives, but not all have access to the benefits and opportunities it offers. Eventerprise is committed to bridging these information and skills gaps for the people who would benefit the most. Together with our global partners and employees around the world, we’re working to fulfill Eventerprise’s mission to empower those who lack crucial digital skills as well as financial resources so that they can achieve professional success in today’s agile working environment.”

The Young Gun program is active throughout the year and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and alumni of well-known universities around the world, including the United States, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, who have all successfully completed 3 – 6 month internships at Eventerprise’s Cape Town offices.

According to co-founder of Eventerprise, Charlie Wright, “Young Gun interns are actively involved in go-to-market projects and strategies that revolve around diverse disciplines such as digital sales and marketing, business analysis, financial modeling, and UX design, equipping them with the necessary digital, business management and leadership skills to be successful in their chosen careers. They are proactively coached and steered throughout their internships by a hands-on leadership team with a combined 80+ years of management and award-winning industry experience.”

For less than $650 per month, interested parties can help to offer the same career-defining opportunities to qualifying African students, with 100% of sponsorships reserved for the exclusive use of the sponsored candidate.

Corporations or foundations that would like to get involved with this initiative can discover more at the dedicated Africa’s Got Digital Talent information page. US-based organisations are invited to get in touch with Eventerprise CEO, Götz Thümecke, who will be participating in a leading accelerator program in San Francisco over the next three months.


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