It’s the season for sharing and service and for the last three years 97th Floor, along with thousands from around the globe, have shared ways a simple $20 dollar bill can serve others during this holiday season with our 20 Helps campaign. But whether it’s 20 dollars, 20 minutes, 20 acts of service or 20 days of mindfulness — #20Helps.

This year, along with our Pledge 1% commitment and the Pledge 1% Gives Community, we are launching the biggest and newest feature in #20Helps history with the #20Helps Track Your Impact app.

Watch the video and learn more about the app here:

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play November 28, the app allows you to see the good you can do with a single bill as you watch it travel through the lives of others.

We encourage you to watch the video, download the app, and learn how you can lend a hand to someone who might otherwise go unnoticed. After all, even if this is the most charitable time of the year, a little bit more giving can do an entire world universe of good.

Get started now:

If you have any questions or want to get involved, shoot us a message. Otherwise, grab some spare cash, download the app, and make your small impact on the universe.

Or you can email us at: