This story was submitted as part of the #Pledge1Gives GivingTuesday campaign, which celebrates the many ways our member companies are having an impact around the world.

Archima Solutions’ give back initiative focused on Allies in Service, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families attain employment, affordable housing, education and healthcare. The relationship between Archima and Allies in Service is an extensive one – we have sponsored Allies at Vetforce and Dreamforce events in order to raise funds for the organization to fuel their resources and programs. After discussing the project and submitting a proof of concept, the long term goals derived were to make data analytics through email communication more organized, and redesign the process of collecting data to make timely reports accurate and streamlined for the organization, the sponsors and the participants.

Our pro bono work revolved around implementing and updating Salesforce for Outlook through Einstein, writing APEX codes for email lightning template automation, email list configuration, writing visualforce PDF reports (the one-two page PDF allows sponsors to see an instant snapshot of how the program is helping veterans or their spouses and if the organization’s efforts are beneficial), creating succinct and combined dashboards for easy data analysis and reporting, and a few other system redesigns. All these efforts were done to help the organization have concise and accurate data reports for their participant base, be able to send timely surveys to participants for program feedback, and understand the effectiveness of providing resume workshops, networking and sponsorship opportunities, and more to service members. Allies employees are now able to automate and send email campaigns with ease, can have all information regarding a participant in one clear dashboard, have a synchronized Salesforce for Outlook calendar, and have easier SMS Messaging. The only “third party” tool used during the solution design was Archimeta Studio data model – an Archima tool created by our technical architects. Since this project is still ongoing, Archima will be deploying full changes in the next few weeks as we are on the last stages of stress testing now for what has already been done. The delivery resources are taking the technical revamp process slow so that Allies employees are comfortable with a few changes at a time, and can get acclimated to changed features to provide feedback before more work is done. 

The work accomplished to date has, “been critical to [their] success,” and Allies has noted Archima as being, “an extension of [the] organization,” as our solutions have helped them conduct better business. Furthermore, Allies was pleased with how Archima “met and went well above [their] expectations,” and used a wonderful team of “intelligent and amazing women” for the project. After three years of sponsoring Allies in Service, Archima was finally able to give back to them with these solutions to help the organization become more efficient in their marketing and communication technology. As Archima’s motto goes, “You have the obligation to make something better if you can,” and we certainly helped Allies employees have an efficient method of conducting their business of giving back to and supporting the service members of the United States.