Written by the asUgo team.

As a recognized member of the Pledge 1% program, asUgo has committed to donating at least 1% of the company’s time, product and resources. It’s a small commitment today that can make a huge impact tomorrow.

“While still being a young company, it is important for asUgo to give back from an early stage onwards,” says Jürgen Janssens, Senior Manager at asUgo, who coordinates the Pledge 1% program. “At asUgo, we want to make a sustainable, measurable contribution to the communities in which we work and live.”

“Whether it is by sharing time, technology, people or resources, we are convinced that integrating philanthropy and societal contribution from an early stage will help in building bridges and improving communities throughout our different worlds.”

At asUgo, the impact program is articulated around 4 axes:

  • Building bridges with/for companies
  • Building bridges with/for the young generation
  • Building bridges through structural charity support
  • Building bridges through spontaneous support

Matured in 2018, the program will continue to grow in 2019. Some initiatives are already under preparation for Q1 2019. For more details, contact Jürgen Janssens, Senior Manager (j.janssens@asugoconsulting.com) or Julien Blaise, Managing Director (j.blaise@asugoconsulting.com).

About asUgo

Based in Brussels (Belgium), asUgo thinks and builds Salesforce solutions to support clients’ Customer Journeys. asUgo is a cross-functional and committed team with one focus: helping its clients to embrace a new digital era and connect with their customers in an innovative and efficient way.

asUgo establishes a transversal approach between:

  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Service
  • Business & IT
  • Agility & Project Management

As Silver partner, asUgo relies on highly-certified Salesforce resources to provide functional guidance and relevant technical expertise to its clients (ONE TEAM approach) in key-sectors such as service, banking, utilities, micro-financing and healthcare. asUgo works as well with (very) large companies, as with SME organisations.
#curious, #nimble and #committed, asUgo is more than a Salesforce consulting provider, it is a partner.

For more information about asUgo, visit the company website, or follow the company pulse on LinkedIn.