Australia is experiencing one of the worst fire seasons ever recorded. The rapid pace of the burn along with heavy smoke has made it extremely difficult for emergency services to evacuate certain communities. Over a billion animals and dozens of human lives have been lost. More than 2,000 homes to date have been destroyed, and the long-term impact on the environment and people’s lives has yet to be calculated.  

As a global community, Pledge 1% has many valued members in Australia. Today, we are calling our global network to come together to help support the efforts in Australia. With help from Atlassian and some of our other Australian members, we’ve collected the following list of charities and organizations you can give to to support the fire relief efforts. 

NSW Rural Fire Service


The main firefighting organization in NSW directly fighting the fires. Many of these volunteers have been battling against these fires for months now and are risking their lives in the process. NSW has pledged that it’s donations will go not only to the Fire Service but to victims of the fires as well. 


Red Cross 

The Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery teams are assisting communities that have been affected by the fires. They help provide evacuees of over 69 different areas with water, food and comforts. In addition, they are arranging emergency accommodations, helping connect missing loved ones and beginning a cash grant program that is intended to help support local businesses and help people meet their immediate needs. 


WIRES Wildlife Rescue


WIRES is dedicated to helping rescue and rehabilitate the animals impacted by the fires. Survivors need all the help they can get in the wake of such intense habitat destruction. Donations to WIRES helps support their immediate recovery, along with longer goals such as habitat restoration and food shortages. 


St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul Society is helping the thousands of dislocated people who need emergency housing, along with providing other essentials such as food, water and clothing. They’ve launched the Vinnies Bushfire Appeal to directly help families who have been evacuated. 



Salvation Army

Much like the Red Cross and St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Salvation Army is supporting members of communities that have been affected by the fires. They are providing clothes, food, water and shelter along with emergency service teams in response to loss of life and property.