Cloud Co-op joined the Pledge 1% movement with a commitment to pledge 1% of our profit and time to charitable causes in our community.

Our Pledge 1% motto, “Plant seeds to grow where you live so others can benefit from you being there.”

We believe that our success is tied to our local community and that is why we chose to donate time and resources to helping Operation Supply Drop, a local Austin area Non-Profit.

The fact that Operation Supply Drop works to serve military members was a key determiner in our decision to help their organization.

Cloud Co-Op is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, founded by David Franklin, our CEO who served 8 years in the United States Navy.

By leveraging twenty years of corporate experience, and twelve within the Salesforce eco-system, David has been able to build an organization that focuses on mentoring and coaching veterans into a certified business consultant career. “In doing so, the veterans connect to a meaningful post-military purpose, receive valuable real world experiences, and become the heartbeat of our mission,” says David. On a mutual understanding the clients in turn reduce implementation and development cost, ensure governance controls, user adoption and strategies for growth.

“As conflicts in various parts of the world end, our soldiers return home to a different kind of battle field – one of a virtual composition surrounded and fortified by a concrete jungle with its own unique set of rules and challenges. While a war veteran may be able to adapt and survive under the most unbearable conditions, chances of survival in the corporate world however are few and far between.” The idea of bridging this gap between the corporate world and the transitioning veterans was what motivated David Franklin, a former navy veteran to start Vets2Cloud.

While Salesforce is a common tool today, it cannot be utilized effectively in a corporate setting without years of corporate experience and further certifications. This hinders the veterans from using their newly earned certifications as they are often viewed simply as providers of pro-bono work for nonprofits. Cloud Co-Op helps the veterans get around this obstacle by incorporating a “Warriors” apprenticeship program called Vets2.Cloud which allows experienced persons in corporate roles to give back in group training sessions in addition to its own mentoring and coaching. Cloud Co-Op also reinforces a training program provided by Salesforce called Trailhead which incorporates gamification and applies these skills to much-needed real working situations in the field.

A message from Cloud Co-Op’s CEO: David Franklin

I started my military career prior to entering my senior year of high school (John F. Hodge, St. James, Mo). I enjoyed 8 years in the Navy as a Radioman. I didn’t have the assistance during my transition which is available today. That would have been amazing. There are many great organizations helping now. I’ve transitioned without it, I know first hand how difficult it can be. I entered the military with what is described as complex PTSD and my tours only supported the behavior and shielded me for many years. I was living my life on auto-pilot. Since then, I’ve worked through corporate roles from Service to Sales to Marketing over 19 years. I found areas to excel in the military and in those corporate positions. I’ve experienced great highs and extreme lows during those same time frames and now I am here to help others succeed.

It is now, with my military and corporate experience, that I return my service to the community from which I was given my start. I often wonder how many Veterans entered the military as I did or lived without knowing important values or behaviors that impacted them for too long. Having a new understanding and finding a purpose to serve my fellow Veterans, I created Vets2Cloud and Cloud Co-Op. I believe Veterans need more than training and more than an opportunity to work in a corporate role, they need real work experience with mentoring and coaching that allows them to become consulting professionals or business owners. Most importantly, as I have learned, we can address their personal needs so they experience the freedom to move forward.

Many people, specifically non-Veterans have joined my cause to support the Veterans transition. I don’t stand alone and I am very grateful for their service and commitment to Cloud Co-Op. As we grow and partner with other organizations and source work for the Veterans, I want to thank these companies in advance for working with us.

Cloud Co-Op expands Vets2Cloud™ Apprenticeship service to include Military Veteran Staffed Help Desk

Cloud Co-Op is a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner providing Salesforce business consulting services for clients wishing to evolve their business processes into the cloud – is expanding its commitment to helping military veterans transition into the workforce, through its Vets2Cloud™ apprenticeship program that provides on-demand, fractional support to Salesforce clients. This help desk is staffed by former military veterans looking to transition into full-time careers as Salesforce administrators and developers.

“Our goal is to make the transition from military to civilian (corporate) life a little easier. As these veterans go from boots on the ground to boots in the cloud,” says Cloud Co-Op founder and CEO David Franklin, who happens to be a Service Disabled US Navy veteran.

Vets2Cloud is an apprenticeship program under the mentorship and coaching leadership of senior consultants at Cloud Co-Op and supporting entities. In co-operation with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) like VetForce, Jewish Vocational Services and the Merivis Foundation, transitioning veterans and spouses are able to obtain Salesforce certifications before they enter the Vets2Cloud™ Apprenticeship program for advanced job readiness skills.

Once qualified veterans finish their initial training with the VSO, they have the opportunity to continue to advance their careers by receiving on-the-job training, and being paid to provide support to Salesforce customers facing real-world business challenges for companies with no dedicated resource or an admin requiring fractional on-demand support.

Service and Support That Matters

All of our clients salesforce support teams are staffed in-part by service minded military veterans and salesforce certified administrators that act as an extension of a company’s existing team.

Businesses get real-time, proactive support from a US based team of Salesforce certified admins capable of handling any technical questions and product support related issues. And military veterans get real-world experience, while getting paid and learning skills that lead to future careers in the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Road Ahead

Established in 2015, Cloud Co-Op intends to become a strategic, or Platinum business partner with by uniting small firms nationally that function as one to support the growing eco-system. By doing so, Cloud Co-Op will have the technical capabilities of many firms which in turn can be translated into their growth on a substantial scale. “We will have the strength of many, while contributing to the growth and success of all. We are many members but one body that allows for many specialties and client opportunities. In doing so, our mission will flourish and our veterans will grow into leading consultants and future employees within the workforce,” reiterates David. In the next five years Cloud Co-Op looks for 20 small firms and 100 veterans to join their group.

Quote from a graduate of the Cloud Co-Op Apprenticeship Program:

Cloud Co-op has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My transition from the military to the civilian world has been a challenge. David and his staff have provided me with an opportunity to start a wonderful career as a Salesforce Consultant. The training has been top notch, with plenty of resources and staff that are more than willing to help you reach you full potential. It is truly amazing! Cloud Co-op shows great appreciation for Veterans and their service for our nation. It makes me very proud to be apart of such a great organization. –  Sheldon Simmons, US Navy, Salesforce Certified Consultant