By Melanie May.  Originally published on UK Fundraising.

A philanthropy movement which assists companies in donating 1% of their product, equity, profit, or employee time to help communities around the world, launched in the UK this month.

Pledge 1% is spearheaded by Atlassian, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, Rally for Impact, and Tides and aims to help organisations integrate philanthropy into their businesses. It launched in the US in 2014.

More than 25 UK companies have signed up so far, including NewVoiceMedia, Quibit, and GoSquared.  Pledge 1% hopes to secure 50 new UK pledges and 1,000 new pledges globally in 2016.

Charlotte Finn, vice president EMEA, said:

“Pledge 1% is a great example of the power that business has to effect positive change.”

Companies can find out more about how Pledge 1% works, as well as take the pledge online at