Bstow is a tech company with social impact at its very core. Jason Grad, CEO and Co-Founder, shares what it means to join a global movement of companies that have pledged 1%.

Tell me about Bstow.

Bstow is a platform that let’s people automatically donate spare change from everyday purchases to a nonprofit of their choice. Our mission is to make it easier than ever for people to support to the causes they care about, and in turn, we help nonprofits raise more funds and engage donors on a deeper level.

What drew you to start Bstow?

I have always been interested in giving back, and after the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raised over $115 million in 2014, I realized that I was not alone. Everyone wants to make a difference — even people who can’t write huge checks or make a commitment to volunteer regularly. Bstow was my solution to getting people, especially Millennials, giving on a regular basis and in a way that feels achievable for their wallets and schedules.

Why has Bstow joined Pledge 1%?

Everyday, we work with nonprofit partners that pledge 100% to making the world a better place. They open our eyes to innovative ways to address society’s greatest challenges and are the true definition of “grit.” These nonprofits and the impact that we can have collectively are the inspiration for our work and the reason we’ve decided to Pledge 1%.

Also as an entrepreneur, having a meaningful commitment to something beyond the company is crucial. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the company’s goals, but when these goals include social and environmental impact, there can be harmony between what we do and the world that we wish to create.

How has Pledge 1% impacted Bstow’s company culture?

As with any startup, there are ups and downs, and having a purpose greater than ourselves is what makes everyday worth it and having a strong mission pushes us to work harder to achieve our goals.

We ask every new hire what cause they care about in our interview process — it’s that important to us that everyone has a cause that they’re fighting for. Having this passion and drive directly translates into the work we do at Bstow.

When I first proposed that we join Pledge 1% to the team, everyone was thrilled and immediately on board. That’s the kind of culture Bstow has  — caring for our communities and the world is woven into our company’s DNA. Pledge 1% is one more way that we ensure everyone who is a part of Bstow’s growth and progress is also invested in this vision.