This story was submitted as part of the #Pledge1Gives GivingTuesday campaign, which celebrates the many ways our member companies are having an impact around the world.

By the PagerDuty team.

PagerDuty is in the business of enabling people to take action. As a company, we have been able to assist thousands of customers in a multitude of fields to support their end users. This approach of empowerment has translated to, with the aim of mobilizing our people and product to accelerate the impact of mission-driven customers and nonprofit partners across our global communities.

When we took the Pledge 1% in September 2017, we committed one percent each of product, employee working time, and company equity to accelerate the work of nonprofit partners like the Trevor Project, where real-time response is critical.

As a result of this equity commitment, we recently launched our philanthropic foundation, the Fund, with a focus on Time-Sensitive Global Health and a vision to help organizations bring essential medical care to people who need it, in the hardest-to-reach places, in the moments they need it most. We are proud to invest in the work of Medic Mobile and VillageReach, two organizations improving response times for medical care.

In honor of our customers today on #GivingTuesday, we have made a $25,000 donation to these two organizations to pay the monthly salaries for 200 community health workers and ensure 700 individuals receive life-saving vaccines. To date, people in over 150 countries have donated more than $400 million on #GivingTuesday. Additionally, as part of our #GivingTuesday pledge, we are launching an internal giving campaign. Each of our employees, interns, and contractors have been granted $25 to contribute toward these two organizations—or any other cause they care about.

Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile is on a mission to improve health in the hardest-to-reach communities. They build world-class, open-source software that supports health workers delivering equitable care that reaches everyone.

“Reaching everyone on the planet with high-quality care, when and where they need it, will require redesigned health systems with care teams supported by world-class technology. I’m thrilled that PagerDuty is stepping up to contribute to this effort. The speed of care delivery is critical—our progress on speed may determine whether or not we meet overall goals for health equity,” shared Josh Nesbit, Medic Mobile CEO.

Donations to Medic Mobile can provide tangible impact:

  • $2,800 educates one Pharmacy Assistant (who will treat 25K-100K people per year)
  • $200 equips a community health worker with a smartphone, supports training, and covers data and airtime for a year to enable them to deliver real-time care to ~100 families in remote communities


VillageReach works to increase access to quality healthcare in low-resource communities.

“We must build people-centered health systems [that] reach people where they are, with the products and services they need. We are proud to partner with for the advancement of rapid response technologies that can connect health systems to innovations that withstand unpredictable change,” said Emily Bancroft, President of VillageReach.

Donations to VillageReach can provide tangible impact:

  • $100 pays one monthly salary to a full-time Community Health Worker (a demonstrated 10:1 social return on investment)
  • $33 covers necessary vaccines for one person in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

PagerDuty is proud to play a small part in supporting two such organizations. We hope you’ll join us on #GivingTuesday to support Medic Mobile, VillageReach, or a cause close to you. Whether you give your voice, your time, or your money, your generosity matters.