To celebrate the launch of our Climate Action & Green Recovery Playbook, Pledge 1% members joined DocuSign, Salesforce and Silicon Valley Bank to discuss their experience building and maintaining successful sustainability programs. In case you missed it, below is an overview of the discussion. 

You can download our Climate Action & Green Recovery Playbook here.

In addition to the immeasurable effects of COVID-19, this past year we experienced record breaking wildfires, hurricanes, freezes, and flooding — and a toll on human life and resources that will only continue to climb. We now have the scientific data to understand the devastation that climate change can cause; and for most of us, this devastation will occur during our lifetime or the lifetimes of our children.

At Pledge 1%, we are committed to protecting the planet. We organized a special members event to explore the top questions and challenges we are facing, and to discuss ways companies can be a part of the solution. We were delighted to share ideas from our members and learn from environmental champions and guest speakers Amy Skeeters-Behrens from DocuSign, Emma Grande from Salesforce, and Danielle Conkling from Silicon Valley Bank.

Here are our 3 top takeaways from the event:

  • Engage with the communities where your employees live and work. Research how you can get involved with local stakeholders that are working to protect the environment.
  • Start with your employees! Many members share that their employees have expressed interest in getting involved with sustainability efforts. Send a company-wide poll to brainstorm ways for your company to get involved in protecting the planet.
  • Take stock of what your company is uniquely positioned to offer, and build a program around that. Leverage your existing talent and assets to help you grow your sustainability program. 


Missed the event? That’s OK – you can watch the recording here: