Yesterday, Pledge 1% and the Tides Foundation cohosted the first Corporate Impact Leaders Forum of 2021. Our speakers discussed how they are using the many lessons of 2020 to expand their impact programs, and shared predictions for where they believe the future of social impact is headed. In case you missed it, below is quick roundup of this enlightening discussion. 

While we continue to battle an unpredictable 2021, one thing is for certain–corporate social impact programs are on the rise! All of our speakers noted a dramatic increase in both interest and demand from their employees to offer philanthropic initiatives and opportunities. Companies today are no longer separating social interest issues and business matters; but rather incorporating both when structuring their business.


These are our 4 top takeaways from the event:

  1. When in doubt, just get started! There is always room to build and adjust your impact program as you go. However, the earlier you start, the better equipped you are to make a lasting impact.
  2. Hire experienced ESG leaders within your leadership team that can help you prioritize impact.
  3. Having a robust corporate social impact program is a serious cultural advantage that works to attract and retain top talent.
  4. Publish diversity stats to hold yourself accountable. This also allows you to take stock of what you are doing, and what you can do more of. 

Here are some top tips from our speakers!