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NORWALK, Conn.Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — There are 3 billion people worldwide who still cook over open flames, and one Connecticut company is doing something about it through social commerce. Wood-burning stoves and open fires are the leading cause of household air pollution and increased risk of respiratory illness, especially for women and children in developing countries. With a need this vast, large-scale international projects are being balanced by grassroots efforts with local nonprofits, like Viv’s One At A Time initiative, to make a world of difference.

Viv, a groundbreaking startup that provides energy and lifestyle products to make life better, has established the One At A Time service initiative as an extension of its mission, corporate values and roots in conscious capitalism. One At A Time merges what’s good for business and for the global community, making it possible for the average person to get involved, roll up their sleeves and contribute to the quality of life of children and families in at-risk communities.

A pending B corporation, Viv develops sustainable partnerships with local nonprofits internationally that deeply understand the culture and can identify programs and families with the greatest need. At the same time, the company contributes 1% of its profits toward helping communities access energy, water, health, education, sustainability and economic development.

Viv’s first international One At A Time service trip will take place on October 2-9, 2018, in Guatemala. The project is a collaborative effort between Viv and the local organization, Long Way Home, a nonprofit that fights poverty through innovative solutions to community problems. Two dozen Viv Life Consultants will spend a week in the community of Xiquin Sanaii, working inside homes to build clean cookstoves for 12 families. Viv has provided funding for another two dozen families to receive stoves to improve respiratory health for families in the community. Families were identified by Long Way Home in collaboration with local junior high students who did a census and survey of remote homes in the region.

“Finding the right partner for a project like this is so important,” explains Viv’s CEO Cami Boehme. “We look to work with partners with a long-term presence in the community and with a genuine understanding of the needs. That’s how we ensure our efforts will contribute to meaningful and lasting change.”

For Viv its One At A Time initiatives serve several purposes. Viv Life Consultants get to make a real difference in the lives of people the company serves. Consultants are fully immersed in a rich culture, creating connections and gaining a deeper understanding of how people live in different communities around the world. One At A Time also establishes loyalty for the company, and sets a standard for other companies to follow.

“There are immense needs for communities around the world to survive, let alone thrive. There are also inspirational and hard-working organizations almost everywhere looking for companies to support their local, grass-roots efforts,” explains Boehme. “As business leaders, we should look creatively at how to combine business goals with the very real needs of human existence and find ways, like our One At A Time journeys, to serve the needs of communities while growing our businesses. When people and planet come before profit, we all prosper.”

This is the first of many international One At A Time initiatives for Viv. The organization is committed to making a deep impact on other parts of the world in the near future.

ABOUT VIV: Viv Network, LLC (Viv) is a Connecticut-based technology company that provides energy and lifestyle products and services that everyone needs and uses every day—products that make Life Better, as the company’s tagline suggests. Providing radical transparency with a customer-centric focus and commitment to social good are core to the company’s mission to provide consumers a way of life that is easier, more affordable and more satisfying. Viv is a proud member of the Path One Group of Companies, along with sister company Utiliz, LLC. Viv’s flagship product, AutoPilot, is provided through a partnership with Utiliz, a licensed energy broker currently active in ConnecticutNew JerseyMarylandMassachusettsNew YorkNew Hampshire, and Ohio. Savings vary depending on region and market dynamics.

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