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Geopointe is Giving Back at Dreamforce 2019!

How Geopointe, Salesforce & Pledge 1% are Making a Difference!

Geopointe is excited to once again be joining Salesforce and Pledge 1% in their efforts to give back at Dreamforce 2019. Geopointe has committed to donate $1 to the American Red Cross for every event ID badge scanned by a Geopointe team member at Dreamforce!

Helping Our Fellow Humans

We are proud to partner with the American Red Cross and support their mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. The American Red Cross, part of the global Red Cross network, holds fast to the seven Fundamental Principles set forth by the global Red Cross network: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, universality and unity.

The American Red Cross has been dedicated to serving people in need since being founded in 1881. In order to fulfill their organization’s mission, they depend on the generous contributions of time, blood and money from the American public. Geopointe is honored to partner with the American Red Cross and contribute to the service they carryout daily.

Our Core Values

As an organization built in the Salesforce ecosystem, Geopointe and Salesforce hold similar philanthropic values. According to Scott Hemmeter, CEO of Geopointe, these values have been at the core of Salesforce for as long as he’s been a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. “Salesforce has been one of the leading organizations both practicing and promoting a commitment to corporate philanthropy. I hope to continue bringing that same commitment to Geopointe and look forward to partnering with Pledge 1% again this year to help make that happen,” said Scott.

Scott has made concerted efforts to keep Geopointe regularly involved in charitable causes. He initiated Geopointe’s $1 per lead scan donation program two years ago at Dreamforce 2017 and has opened Geopointe’s doors to charities in need of a top geolocation solution through Salesforce, offering a special discount to nonprofit organizations.

 ‘Compassionate Capitalism’

Badge scanning is a standard practice at Salesforce events, creating a cut-and-dry vehicle for commerce. By adding philanthropic importance to each badge scan, it now gives the exchange a feeling of purpose.

Born from the concept of  “Compassionate Capitalism,” famously coined by CEO Marc Benioff, efforts like Geopointe’s $1-for-1 scan concept have become more and more frequent at Dreamforce and other Salesforce events. In fact, today, Salesforce events have become a hub for philanthropy, social justice and forward thinking. Every year, Dreamforce provides attendees with opportunities to give back. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any opportunites or you can check here to see what’s in store closer to this year’s event!

Powered by Pledge 1%

Pledge 1%, officially established in 2016, is the driving force behind philanthropy in the Salesforce ecosystem. Pledge 1% partners with companies to help them give back through various channels: equity, time, product and/or profit to any charity of their choosing.

“Salesforce and Pledge 1% work together to not only provide a great opportunity for companies like ours to giveback to others at Dreamforce, but use their reach and influence to encourage the thousands in attendance to get involved,” said Mark Baird, Geopointe VP of Sales. “Partnering with Salesforce and Pledge 1% makes it even easier for our team to giveback by providing assistance and resources to boost the visibility of our efforts which, in turn, boosts the response from attendees,” Mark added.

Stop by the Booth! (#713)

At this year’s Dreamforce Geopointe is a Groundbreaker Sponsor so make sure to stop by our booth and say “hi”! We’d love to have you come by to meet our team, watch a quick demo and fill your bags with some Geopointe SWAG! But, before you take off, be sure to save a second for a scan.