At MTX Group, social responsibility towards communities is at the core of our values, our culture and/or is a way of living. As much as we are involved in our business, we are equally engaged in giving back to the bottom of the pyramid, through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the areas of health, education, and others through the Nobel Foundation, because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity in life, and access to their basic human rights. We are committed to empowering lives of the community, both professionally and personally.

MTX being a proud member of Pledge 1% community, resonates its philosophy of committing 1% Profit, Product and Time towards the socioeconomic development of the shun communities.  We are actively involved in numerous initiative in the areas of health, education, livelihoods, displaced communities well-being etc. We had the privilege to help Fundación KiinBeh school in Quintana Roo (Mexico), schools in Fiji Islands and Jaipur (India), Desire society an NGO helping HIV affected children in Hyderabad (India), Rooms to read, Warriors on Wheels founded by a CNN hero Ned Norton in Albany, NY.  We will continue to help more organization in the United States and many other cities across the globe.

With our global philanthropy initiatives, we impacted lives of 500+ people directly and thousands indirectly across various communities, which includes kids, immigrants, disabled, displaced and women.

Apart from our contribution towards the underprivileged, we truly believe in “Charity begins at home”. Our employees are the center of our universe. We value them and their needs as much as we value our business hence, we ensure that we are in their thick and thins. We have been and always will be there for providing any kind support in critical situations of our employee’s life cycle at MTX and beyond. One such effort being the fundraising done within our team for the Lung Transplant surgery for one of our team member’s parent. All the team members displayed solidarity and in alignment to our values we stood together for our team member.

With the DNA of social responsibility within us, we believe that growth is possible and is fruitful only when shared. Hence, we look forward to compassionately and meaningfully contributing our time, resources and product towards building an equitable and sustainable society in years to come.

About MTX:

MTX Group Inc. is a global salesforce services/implementation partner and enterprise cloud consulting company established in 2008. MTX is headquartered in Albany, NY with development operations in India at Jaipur and Hyderabad.