This story was submitted as part of the #Pledge1Gives GivingTuesday campaign, which celebrates the many ways our member companies are having an impact around the world.

We were first introduced to Pledge 1% at the hands of a brand ambassador this past October at the TechCrunch 2019 convention in San Francisco, California. After discussing the mission of Pledge 1% with the very kind and informed brand ambassador, we happily hopped on board and joined the Pledge 1% movement.

We decided to join Pledge 1% because we know how important it is to give, especially when one is fortunate enough to have the platform and ability to do so. As a result, we have decided to pledge 1% of our profits to the California Community Disaster Relief Fund. The funds donated to the cause get distributed to the most urgent natural disasters – the most recent being the continuous wildfires. In addition, one of our employees is a volunteer firefighter, so he has pledged one week of his time to fighting wildfires spread throughout California in the name of Pledge 1% and Guard Grabber.

Being headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, we have been impacted by various natural disasters and can identify the most with the mission of the California Community Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, we are planning on launching in the year 2020 in conjunction with Pledge 1% to enhance our abilities to raise charitable funds. It is vital for founders and leaders of companies to do their part and contribute to a cause if they have the means, especially if they can personally relate through infliction.

By taking part in Pledge 1%, we and other participating companies are able to bring light to various causes and charities as well as further the mission of Pledge 1%. The best advice we can give as the founders of Guard Grabber Technologies Inc. is to Pledge 1% – whether it be 1% of your time, efforts, or profits, especially as the giving month of December approaches.

With the holidays rolling in, the best thing you can do as the leaders of a company is to give. As American Entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, once said, “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” In other words, only by giving is one able to grow.