Since the early days of Zylo, we’ve been committed to supporting the communities where we live and work. Our success wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community, so we’re proud to partner with Pledge 1% to support nonprofits in Indianapolis and beyond.

One key way we support our community (and our world) is by taking action to protect the environment. Because let’s face it: we want our planet to thrive for generations to come.

As individuals, it’s easy to feel powerless when we’re up against a big issue like climate change. But in reality, small, simple changes can have a big impact — especially when we’re all working together.

Here are a few of the ways team Zylo is pledging to protect our planet not only on Earth Day, but throughout the year.


2021 Earth Day Plans

This Earth Day, we’re focused on celebrating and protecting the planet in ways that work in today’s virtual, socially distant world. We’ve set up safe, socially distant volunteer options for employees, including the opportunity to lend a hand with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

Some of our team members have made plans to gather in small groups outdoors to go hiking, plant trees or participate in other outdoor activities to celebrate the planet.

Finally, we’re also holding a virtual Earth Day Zoom hangout and we’re encouraging employees to explore their favorite place in nature (or discover a new place) and share a picture via Slack.


A Look Back at Year’s Past

Here’s a look back at some of Zylo’s past Earth-focused events and initiatives, too. Our hope is to bring back a lot of these things in the future — when it’s safe to do so!

Car Free Day

Did you know that there are one billion vehicles on the globe? Car Free Day, an international event held each September, challenges motorists to forgo their cars for a day, opting instead for greener modes of transportation. Each year, Zylo participates in Car Free Day. And our employees happily take part, seeking out alternate transportation methods that are better for the environment. In fact, in 2020, we won the Indianapolis area contest!

Here’s our team celebrating our big win.


Zylos Taking to the Streets

Twice a year, all of our employees come together to do a volunteer project. It’s a great way to foster teamwork — and give back to the community that’s given us so much.

On more than one occasion, we’ve laced up our sneakers, grabbed our bags and hit the streets to pick up trash from our local neighborhoods and parks.

Of course, our volunteer projects have looked a bit different over the course of the last year. But the pandemic hasn’t held us back from doing our part to protect the planet. In 2020, Zylo organized a virtual cleanup. At a designated date and time, all employees came together (virtually) to clear litter from parks or neighborhoods close to their homes.

VTO for the Environment

Each year, Zylo gives each employee eight hours of volunteer time off (VTO) to give back to the community. Oftentimes, employees opt to use this time to support the environment — whether it’s by cleaning up parks and trails or helping to plant a community garden.

Earth Day Bingo

On Earth Day 2020, Zylo’s entire team was working remotely. But we wanted to find a way to engage our employees and encourage them to take small (but impactful) actions to give back to the planet.

So, we developed Earth Day Bingo. Each space on the Bingo card offered a way to “go green,” such as using reusable grocery bags or ditching disposable water bottles. Employees who took actions (and completed Bingo patterns while doing so) won prizes — and bragging rights!


In-Office Recycling and Composting

It’s been a while since team Zylo has all been in the office together. But when we were, we had built a successful recycling and composting program. This made it really easy for everyone to do their part to reduce waste going into landfills. And it’s a program that we’ll pick back up once employees are back to working in the office.

Happy Earth Day!

It’s our responsibility to take action to protect our planet on Earth Day — and throughout the entire year. Remember: small changes can make a big impact, especially when we’re all committed to doing our part.