By Nithya Das, SVP, General Counsel, AppNexus

One of AppNexus’ core company values is to see and improve the whole system – whether that system means the internet, our technology or initiatives in our local communities where our offices are based.

Last year, when AppNexus became the 500th company to join the Pledge 1% movement – a global initiative where corporations dedicate one percent of their work hours, money or products to bringing about lasting change in local, underserved communities – AppNexians went to work to make our commitment come alive through an initiative called AppNexus Impact.

Given AppNexus’ global scope and reach, we knew there was significant potential to make an impact. Over the course of 2016, AppNexians were given volunteer time off hours that they could use for volunteer efforts. Then in September, over the course of an entire week, AppNexians – from New York to San Francisco to São Paulo to London to Sydney – were encouraged to take a full, paid-day off to serve their local communities as part of our Global Impact Week.

The week was a success and made a significant impact. In office and after office, AppNexians spent their time working in homeless shelters, soup kitchens and orphanages – not to mention cleaning polluted estuaries and building low-income housing. For many AppNexians, our Global Impact Week was one of the highlights of their year above other company-sponsored events

But time wasn’t the only resource we devoted to impacting our communities. During that same week, we donated a total of $25,000 to the very same causes our employees were serving at.

AppNexus Impact is not just a once a year effort for us. We’re making a point of improving our local communities year round through outreach and internship programs like Girls Who Code and Out in Tech.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that we’ve committed another $20,000 to one of our favorite local causes here in New York: She’s the First, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that girls in third-world countries can receive a full education, regardless of any obstacles that income, geographic location and personal circumstances might present.

To give a sense of how impactful our donation will be, we are donating over 15% of their total funding last year. In 2015, campus chapter students raised more than $130,000 in scholarship funding for their international peers,

For more information on AppNexus Impact, check out our website for a comprehensive list of communities we represent and programs we provide.