Pledge 1%’s #WomenWhoLead series celebrates female leaders who are changing the world. Our leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and industries, and are all doing their part to have an impact in their communities and at their workplace. We’ve asked them to share a bit about their background and path to success.

What is your name and title?

Lauren Duffield, Strategic Partnerships & CSR at xocial.

Briefly (1-2 sentences) describe your current role.

I am the CSR leader at xocial, and spend my days forming strategic partnerships for world-changing campaigns!

What’s the best decision you’ve ever made?

Attending Tony Robbins Business Mastery!

What’s the number one challenge you face as a woman in your industry?

Being told to take the emotion out of it.

Emotion and empathy is our competitive advantage as women!

Do you have any mentors? What does mentorship mean to you?

Yes. I have had 2 mentors in the past and continue to keep in touch with them both. Mentorship has been, and always will be, a major part of my career. I love learning from people have already experienced what I am going through. I also follow Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis closely. They will always be my digital mentors. 

What advice do you have for women who are just starting their career?

This statement is becoming cliche for a reason; fail to learn. Just do it. You can only plan so much. A-B test. There is no one way of doing anything!

What woman inspires you the most? Why?

Rachel Hollis. She is the most authentic, public facing female leader I know. She built her business from the ground up and was an average Jane. One of my favorite quotes of hers is, “Don’t play small to make others feel comfortable.”

Are you reading/listening to anything interesting at the moment? Please share your most recent favorite book or podcast!

I am currently listening to Dean Graziosi’s Millionaire Success Habits