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Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago- Warren Buffett”

What is the best time for planting a tree? It was 20 years ago and next best time is now. We all grew up playing around the shelter of trees. They are the beautiful gift of nature. We often get busy with the virtual world around and keep ourselves busy. Our modern lives have become more gadget-oriented and this simultaneously is affecting the younger generation too. So we should focus on saving our nature as we all are aware that our nature has been depleting lately and needs to be paid more attention

In this busy modern lifestyle, Dazeworks Bangalore has taken a small step towards boosting up employee’s lifestyle with an initiative called Pledge 1%. In association with it, a small plantation program was conducted on Saturday near Shishu Mandir, with an aim to encourage greenery around. Our team planted 50 saplings for which everyone took part and also had fun.


Pledge1-1 Pledge1-2 Pledge1-3 Pledge1-4 Pledge1-5 Pledge1-7




Through this small program we plan to spread awareness among all the people stating our future depends on the way nature stays. Even the government should encourage more civil societies and educational intuitions in tree plantation and awareness campaigns. Our future is not bleak if we live in harmony with nature.