VideoOculograph is the first intelligent portable device on base of computer vision and machine learning for high reliable health diagnostics (vision pathologies, neurological disorders, inner ear illnesses etc.) by involuntary eye moves / pupils’ reaction and noninvasive treatment of eye pathologies if such were revealed.


Four years ago we’ve conducted the first experiments with our technology and realized that we could create something unique. We managed to move on to a new level and develop the first device for contactless diagnostic of several diseases by involuntary eye moves & pupils’ reaction. We started from vision pathologies and were lucky to discover the essential new way of noninvasive correction at least two of them such as nystagmus and strabismus. And now our technology was scientifically validated during trials on base of leading clinics including Fedorov network medical clinic ISTC «Eye microsurgery» with more than 300 successfully treated patients with nystagmus in a result.


We’re redefining the way we used to conduct health diagnostic and vision treatment. Our goal is to get the word out about what we’re developing and help educate the world on the potential of how VideoOculograph technology can help to improve people’ health and their life quality, make their lives happier, healthier, and easier—every day.