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Designbx is revolutionising the furniture and homewares industry, by making interior design truly accessible, intuitive and affordable to every Australian. The co-founders share a passion to improve the home and work environments of 1 million Australians by 2023 and this extends beyond our business practice into the community. As our contemporary world grows, communities and families face new challenges which require a great deal of help to tackle. As we virtually step into people’s homes to help them create a better personal environment, our commitment to take on a proactive role as a business will positively influence lives, communities and natural environments.

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We are now participants of the Pledge 1% movement, which is an early-stage corporate philanthropy initiative, leveraging a portion of future success to support non-profit organisations in the community.

What is Pledge 1% ?

“Pledging a small portion of future success can have a huge impact on tomorrow.” – Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a movement founded by Atlassian, Rally, Salesforce and Tides which encapsulates their vision of integrating philanthropy in businesses large and small around the world. Pledge 1% encourages and challenges companies to donate 1% of their equity, product or employee time to communities and initiatives in need. Encouraging businesses to step up as agents of change, we are able to select social and environmental initiatives that stick true to our brand ethos in order to make a change for generations to come. Designbx has been inspired by Pledge 1% to continue to create a change in the industry, providing an ethical and sustainable practice to undo issues faced by communities and ecosystems.

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We’re here to help

In line with our key value, integrity, we believe our ethical commitment to reduce the negative effects of the industry on the environment must be backed by proactive measures. We are passionate about environmental sustainability and conserving our ecosystems, and seeing how the industry harms forests and native species fuels our desire to change this.

Designbx will be actively engaging in the Pledge 1% programme and is working on an exciting collaboration with the Atlassian Foundation, on a social good initiative that we a truly passionate about. Finding out how our contribution has changed lives since we launched Designbx has inspired our team to create many more opportunities during 2018. We don’t participate in community and environmental initiatives for kudos, but we’re very interested seeing the tangible results of our involvement. Some past social good initiatives from 2017 include:

Love for Lachie

Designbx sponsored the Love For Lachie annual charity event with silent auction prizes and 200 product donations in goodie bags. They made a record $220K on the day which can now pay for two new researchers and possibly the first clinical trial for a child cancer patient

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Designbx supports KidsXpress, which offers a child with special needs, trauma or homelessness support through expressive therapy over a 10-week program. Designbx provided KidsXpress with interior design expertise to assist with an office and therapy centre relocation, as well as donating items for the Charity Challenge Golf Ball on November 19 at the Four Seasons. The ball funds several charities including KidsXpress.

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