This piece is shared as part of Pledge 1%’s #GivingTuesdayNow campaign, which highlights how Pledge 1% members and the business community are coming together as a force for good to combat COVID-19.

At MK Partners, commitment to community is one of our core values. Whether it’s our local communities of North Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, our business community of staff, clients, and partners, or the Salesforce community of admins, developers, and Trailblazers – our community’s success enables our success, and giving back is an organization wide priority.

Giving Tuesday is an annual opportunity to celebrate the strides we’ve made over the last twelve months and to inspire and reinvigorate our efforts for the next twelve. It’s a chance to recognize the cumulative effects of small, but impactful action. To take stock and be grateful that we have the means and opportunity to give back.

This year, as we’ve watched our lives, businesses, communities, and families be dramatically reshaped in the face of global pandemic, Giving Tuesday is more important than ever. Not just as a chance to speak, but as an opportunity to listen. As more people need help than perhaps ever before, and still others with the means, opportunity, and desire to help, might feel overwhelmed or lost, unsure how to contribute meaningfully against what feels like a faceless, unstoppable force. Giving Tuesday represents an opportunity to align our ideals with action. To give voice to those in need and ensure their words land on the ears of those desperate to help ease their burdens.

At the start of April we announced a grant program, offering over $1.5 million in support and services to Los Angeles-based small businesses, and US-based nonprofits to help them transition to remote work, maintain effectiveness and keep their businesses afloat while protecting their employees. The program has already had positive effects, both to those we’ve been able to help, and also internally as it reaffirmed the fact that we can make a difference and that together, we’ll make it through this.

There are still grants available through the program so we’d encourage you, and anyone you know who qualifies, to enroll. Help us find those who need help the most, amplify their voices this Giving Tuesday, and let’s get through this, together.

We’re listening. We’re here for you. We’re going to be ok.