Nextep has always been active in giving back.

From preparing dinners for families at the local Ronald McDonald House to participating in charitable events and volunteering, we and our people have long been passionate about helping others.

But this year, Nextep got serious. Inspired by Salesforce’s philanthropy and following Pledge 1%’s model, we formed The Nextep Charitable Foundation to help accomplish our giving on an even bigger scale and put some official numbers behind it.

More than that, though, we wanted to make giving a core value; an integral part of our culture. We approached the Foundation with the mission of empowering our employees to elevate the lives of people in need, and to enrich the community in which they live.

“From families and schools to charities and businesses, the Nextep Charitable Foundation is working to remove the barriers that keep people in need from moving forward,” said Brian Fayak, Nextep’s founder and CEO. “We’re fortunate to be in a position to give back, make a positive impact, and to empower our employees to do the same.”

In business and in life, we realize that improvement comes when we commit to and measure our results. To accomplish this, we dedicated ourselves to Pledge 1%’s 1:1:1 model, donating 1,000 service hours, $100,000, and free HR services to select start-up nonprofits. At the beginning of the year, we at Nextep were excited but a bit nervous these goals might be too ambitious, that we might have trouble reaching them. Going into the final quarter of the year, though, we found that we had already reached most of them and were on track to meet or exceed them all by the year’s end.

Our main focus in the Foundation is helping children, families, and organizations that do the same, with our time, dollars, and know-how.

Our people are excited about being difference-makers in the community. They’re eager to serve, and we readily encourage them to do so by providing paid volunteer hours to employees. To us, there’s no better day’s work than one spent assisting children, families, and people or organizations in need within our communities.

In addition to time and physical effort, Nextep Charitable Foundation is donating $100,000 to elevate people and organizations that need help. From families and schools to charities and businesses, we’re removing the barriers that keep people in need from moving forward, and we are donating our dollars to make a positive impact.

We know starting an organization is hard. But Nextep has the know-how you need to succeed and we’re here to help make that happen. Nextep Charitable Foundation offers grants consisting of one year of free services to select start-up nonprofits. And what up-and-coming company wouldn’t want a certified expert in their corner?

During the year, our people have built meaningful partnerships with more than a dozen organizations in our communities, being humbled by the important work they are doing, and enriched by the inspiring people they’ve met.

“Empowering our people to help others is incredibly gratifying,” said Ashton Stephens, HR business partner and Nextep Foundation committee chair. “We’re making a real difference in our community, and I’m so grateful that Nextep gives us this platform to do good things.”