Pledge 1% is proud to partner with SRS Acquiom, an M&A service provider, to launch EscrowUP, a new program that creates an effortless way for the broader M&A community to give back.  It’s mission: to provide a pathway for those involved in M&A to come together and significantly boost a diverse and talented pool of next generation entrepreneurs.

EscrowUP is the first program of its kind and uses an innovative method tailored for companies in the midst of a merger. If a deal party chooses EscrowUP, SRS Acquiom will donate up to 24 basis points of return on escrow deposits to nonprofit organizations that give next generation entrepreneurs a leg up.  The nonprofits that benefit- Springboard Enterprises, Endeavor, Girls Who Code, Patriot Boot Camp, and Pledge 1% – all empower entrepreneurs that stand to provide diverse perspectives and strong leadership.   

Huge Potential for Impact

Approximately $250 billion is invested in M&A escrows each year. If even a fraction of deal parties choose EscrowUP, we can spark lasting change in the lives of countless emerging entrepreneurs.  The program provides the M&A community with the opportunity to create meaningful impact by unlocking  millions of new philanthropic dollars, without taking away from the bottom line.  

It’s Easy

With EscrowUP, there’s no financial consequence on the deal and no additional effort required for merger parties, so it’s not only good—it’s easy.

Additionally, parties involved in deals that select EscrowUP receive a toolkit that helps them share their positive impact, providing an opportunity for your company to talk about their giving program and the communities they support. SRS Acquiom will also promote the program and highlight participants.

Get Involved

EscrowUP is a great opportunity for the M&A community to come together and significantly boost a diverse and talented pool of next generation entrepreneurs.  

Please join us and help spread the word.  Leverage this trailblazing program for your own deals.  Share this opportunity with those who influence and/or make decisions regarding the placement of M&A escrows including  large corporations that make acquisitions, private equity and venture capital funds, founders of companies that are being acquired, and M&A lawyers that support the previously mentioned groups.

The EscrowUP program is an excellent example of a Pledge 1% member company creatively leveraging its own resources to make a difference and furthermore inviting others to join in the impact.  

Pledge 1% is delighted to announce this new partnership and to work with SRS Acquiom on providing a new and easy solution for companies to give.  To learn more, visit the EscrowUP website.