Originally published on Looker Blog

Looker has been embedded in its community since the very beginning. That’s actually why we’re headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. Our founder and CTO, Lloyd Tabb, was a long-time Santa Cruz resident who’d raised his family there and taught middle school in the community. So when he was starting his own company, he didn’t want to start it “over the hill” in Silicon Valley, but right in his own community.

And as Looker has expanded to offices in New York, Dublin, London, San Francisco and beyond, Lookers have found ways to give back to the communities they live and work in. From packing backpacks for school children who are living in homeless shelters in NY to cleaning up the river in Santa Cruz and learning CPR in Dublin, Lookers are passionate about contributing back to their communities.

But as the company has grown, we’ve been thinking about how we can give back in a more formal way. And we’ve asked ourselves ‘what we can uniquely give back’? Not surprisingly, what we realized is that Looker is uniquely qualified to provide reliable, self-service access to data. And while not every nonprofit needs that, plenty of charitable organizations are struggling with the same data chaos that their for-profit peers are.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Looker for Good, our way of giving back to our communities and the groups that enrich them.

Looker Pledges 1%

The first component of Looker for Good is that Looker is joining Pledge 1%. We’re pledging 1% of our product to charity, as well as the employee time needed to help the charities we give Looker to be successful.

We’re thrilled to announce that the first recipient, Accion, is already standing up their Looker deployment and getting value from it. Accion is an amazing organization that’s been providing microfinance loans to small businesses all across America since 1991, and we’re so excited to help them get more value from their data with Looker.

And we are already looking for the next nonprofits to give Looker to, so if you work for a nonprofit or know of one that could benefit from free Looker, we’d love for you to nominate them here.

Nonprofit Discounts

The next component of Looker for Good is focused on making Looker accessible to all nonprofits. We’ve announced significant discounts off Looker’s list price for every nonprofit, whether they need a small deployment or a huge one. You can see all the details here.

Training Future Analysts

The final part of Looker for Good is that we’re offering free Looker deployments to educators who are interested in using Looker to train the next generation of analysts. If you’re an educator who’s interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can discuss your use case.

We’re so proud of the work that Lookers are already doing to care for their communities. And we can’t wait to build out Looker for Good as a new channel for using our unique abilities to power the greater good with better data.