Written by Jaclyn McCall

Rackers are valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission. This was never clearer than during this unique and uncertain time around the world. In March, after 99.5% of our workforce moved to remote work, Rackers could see the strain and impact the pandemic was taking on their local communities. We launched our first Rackspace Cares Employee Donation Matching Program that was jump started with a $50,000 donation from the company to several COVID-19 relief organizations. We then matched, $1 for $1, of each Racker’s donation to any organization of their choice. We raised nearly $200,000 that spanned over 300 non-profit organizations around the world.


Rackers also wanted to continue to use their volunteer time off hours to support organizations that were in vital need of support. Over 15 global virtual volunteer programs were shared with Rackers, with more added each day. From writing cards to frontline workers to helping individuals and non-profit organizations understand new technology they needed to implement to stay connected – Rackers volunteered their time and expertise and showed up to support!


Up next, and celebrating its 15th year, Rackers at our Global Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas will soon be able to participate in a community holiday meal distribution event with the local food bank. Over 1,000 families are given an entire holiday meal (from whole turkey to over 20 non-perishables items) free of charge through a safe and socially distance mobile pick-up event.


Rackers are committed to a Fanatical Experience™ for our customers, each other, and our communities. We’re proud to serve our local communities around the world.