Today, we are thrilled to announce that Pledge 1% co-founder has launched a new AppExchange Trailblazer Score to reward points to companies that are also Pledge 1% members.

The new score will be a point-based system that rewards Salesforce partners for their results and activities, including their participation in Pledge 1%.  Partners that join the Pledge 1% movement will receive points towards their Trailblazer score.  Full details of the Trailblazer Score metrics will be shared with Salesforce partners at this year’s Dreamforce, and the program will be effective starting on March 1, 2018.

Since our founding, Salesforce has been a terrific role model and leader for the Pledge 1% movement, creating new and innovative ways to engage their network in giving 1%.  Already 192 Salesforce partners have taken the pledge.  This announcement–shared onstage at today’s New York World Tour keynote–further demonstrates Salesforce’s leadership, especially when it comes to the #PledgeItForward ethos.  As Pledge 1% Chief Executive Amy Lesnick explains, “The idea driving #PledgeItForward is for companies to not just take the pledge, but to invite, encourage and empower others in their ecosystem to also join and give back.”  Salesforce has not just embraced Pledge 1% by integrating giving into every part of their business, but they have constantly looked to #PledgeItForward and share the ohana of giving with their wider network.

Salesforce is the first company to take their partner program to the next level by integrating Pledge 1% into their partner program.  We are proud to work with the Salesforce team on this initiative, and congratulate the entire Salesforce partner community for their leadership and commitment to Pledge 1%.

For more information about the AppExchange Trailblazer Score and this announcement, click here to read the full announcement from Salesforce.

For Salesforce partners interested in getting an early start on building their score, we invite you to take the pledge here.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can adopt this model for your partner program, please contact Lisa at