An interview with Jill Harrison, Innovation Programs, Silverline CRM

How do you contribute to the non-profit community? *

2017 marked Silverline’s 7th consecutive year sending a team of volunteer consultants and technology experts to the annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week conference in partnership with Salesforce. This team of ten spent a week in March donating hundreds of pro bono consulting hours to advise six fast-growing start-ups and non-profits on how they can leverage cloud technology to grow their businesses and to build apps to help them achieve greater impact in their communities. Also as part of the engagement with the festival, Salesforce Chief Philanthropic Officer Suzanne DiBianca delivered an inspiring keynote talk addressing local organizations looking for advice on how to build their own Pledge 1% programs, using our team’s engagement as a model example. As this amazing festival has grown like gangbusters over the last several years, NOEW now plays host to over 13,000+ entrepreneurs and 185 organizations each year. Silverline is humbled and grateful to be a part of this great tradition and can’t wait for next year.

Why should partners join the global Pledge 1% philanthropy movement? *

Pledge 1% is a movement that reaches beyond your business to connect your employees with the greater mission of community impact. This movement empowers your organization to reach out locally and globally, and find inspiration and meaning through volunteerism and giving. By working together and pledging 1%, we are all affecting positive change.

What’s new or in the pipeline for Silverline’s giving program?

Our participation each year at NOEW has been such a fun team-building experience that has had broad impact across Silverline. It led to the foundation of Silverline Cares, which is a program at the heart of the social events we do with our team and with our partners like Salesforce. We now incorporate volunteerism and philanthropy into each of our all-hands meetings with more than 200 teammates from all over the country. We’ve packed back to school supplies, created care packages for orphanages, built RC toy cars for kids in the hospital with new cancer diagnoses, and more. We’ve even started to extend these programs and share them with our new clients! Recently we hosted a big event in NYC with a brand new client to build bikes for local school kids. What an amazing experience to get to know each other and do good for the community!

NOEW also helped us realize a few years ago that we wanted to formally roll out a VTO program for all employees to make sure our teammates know that we value and encourage their contribution to local communities. Giving back to others is so important for our culture, and so important for our world.