A company is much more than its product.  Take GlobeIn, for example, a subscription company that delivers “a fresh collection of useful and enthralling [artisan] items from around the world” straight to your doorstep each month.  While the contents of their boxes are delightful, their fair-trade and philanthropic philosophy is equally important for members.  By embracing their potential to lift communities in developing countries, they are creating not just a new line of products, but a sustainable change in our world.  Such kind-spirited inventiveness inspires our team at Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) to raise the bar and challenge ourselves to give back.

First and foremost, our newly launched Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) understands the need for a unifying force in the rapidly growing subscription box industry.  Currently, more than 2,500 subscription box companies comprise the industry that is projected to exceed $90 billion in annual revenue over the next decade, said SUBTA co-founder Christopher George. Our association is building the ecosystem for box companies and partners to provide networking, professional development, customer experience, profitable growth and research.  Essentially, explains George, “we want to help our members grow enduringly fantastic businesses.”

In addition to profitable growth, SUBTA believes that part of what makes a business “enduringly fantastic” is a commitment to sustainability and philanthropy.  “We want to foster a socially conscious sustainable box industry, where profitable growth and impact thrive together,”  explains SUBTA cofounder Michelle Lange.  Part of this holistic approach to successful business means engaging in “conscious capitalism.”  This is where Pledge 1% comes into play.

According to their website, Pledge 1% is “a corporate philanthropy movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business.”  They do this by encouraging companies or individuals to contribute 1% of their equity, product and/or employee time to a local nonprofit of their choosing.  Pledge 1% will help us integrate into a larger network of shared values and connect to non-profits in our area.  We believe it’s important to start from day one fostering a spirit of philanthropy in our company.  We hope that our commitment to philanthropy, sustainability and social responsibility will show our members and partners how they can also take small and immediate steps to being a more well-rounded business.