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Making everyday life easier for everyday people has been TaskRabbit’s mission from the start, and that mission has taken form in TaskRabbit for Good (TR4G). Now, as part of TR4G, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined the Pledge 1% movement along with thousands of other companies worldwide, to strengthen communities by helping neighbors in need find work and a place to call home. Given the unique nature of our technology platform, which connects people looking for work to those who need help around the home, our TR4G mission and now our commitment to Pledge 1%, was built into our DNA since day one.

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Pledge 1% is a global movement that aims to create a new normal for companies of all sizes, and enable them to have a positive social impact through their business. TaskRabbit will be pledging 1% of our time to volunteer with non-profit organizations dedicated to helping people find work or a place to call home in the communities we serve. We will achieve this through a combination of company office-wide community service days to support organizations such as Breaking Ground (New York, NY), Providence Row (London, UK), Hamilton Families (San Francisco, CA), Episcopal Community Services (San Francisco, CA), and Mobile Loaves & Fishes (Austin, TX), as well as department-specific volunteer events, and volunteer time at a charity of each employee’s choice.

We’ve all experienced moments when we needed a helping hand — and someone reached out offering support — whether it was an organization or a friend. Pledge 1% is an extension of our ethos of neighbors helping neighbors. We’re proud to join the Pledge 1% community and encourage other companies to join us in taking the pledge and leveraging their business as a force for good.