Originally published on Tech.Co.

Charitable giving has become an integral part of the business world in recent years.  With over two thirds of millennials preferring to work for a company that gives back, and the incredibly tough competition for top talent, building a culture of giving within your company is officially good for business.  And that’s why Pledge 1% has been such a successful movement.

Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement that aims to make the community a key stakeholder in every business. By encouraging individuals and companies to Pledge 1% of their time, product, profit, and/or equity to ANY cause of their choosing, this movement is creating a new normal where companies of all sizes and stages feel empowered to integrate giving back into their culture and values.  In just two years, over 1,500 companies in 40 countries have joined Pledge 1%, including Twilio, Box, Yelp, Docusign, Nutanix, Atlassian, Salesforce, Optimizely, and more.

“Pledge 1% is creating a new business paradigm for startups around the world,” explains Amy Lesnick, CEO of Pledge 1%.  “It is helping founders to deliberately shape their company culture and values, empower employees, and leverage their business as a force for good.”

We are proud to announce that Tech.Co is partnering with Pledge 1% in hopes of spurring a little good will at SXSW Startup Night. In addition to encouraging the startups involved in the festivities to Pledge 1% of their equity, product, profit and/or employee time, Tech.Co will be pledging 1% of our product to support this noble cause.

And, as a special perk, all companies that join Pledge 1% will be invited to “jump the line” and access Tech.Co’s SXSW Startup Night event via the VIPledge express line. If you have already registered and want to take the Pledge, sign up here.

Tech.Co recognizes the importance of companies in giving back to society,” said Jen Consalvo, COO and cofounder of Tech.Co. “That’s why we’re excited to help other companies get involved with Pledge 1% in addition to taking the pledge ourselves.”

In recent months, Pledge 1% has received a number of accolades that should further prove their value in the business world. From being named one of Fast Company’s 2017 Top 50 World’s Most Innovative Companies to having the honor of being #1 on theTop 10 Most Innovative Companies in the Nonprofit Category, this movement is taking the social cause game to a whole new level.

Check out Pledge 1% today so you can make a meaningful commitment to society through your business. Additionally, if you want to attend SXSW Startup Night, make sure to RSVP here.