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Life during this pandemic is so uncertain. One day we can all be asked to stay home and on a good week we are given the chance to roam and go help boost the economy, but just like a curve ball suddenly it could just come back to you and say no, everybody back to their corners. It’s time out for all, yet again.

This however have not stopped the team at Telcowin to continue with what we do. We took a pledge earlier this year to give back and we are keeping to that promise.

Believing that there is no better time to start giving back, as of August 6, 2020 Telcowinners embarked on a project to help with the implementation of the Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack (NPSP) for The Lost Food Project (TLFP) to digitise and smoothen their donation, accounts and volunteer management.

TLFP is a Malaysia Not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to a sustainable future by rescuing ‘lost’ food and finding it a new home with people who need it most. With their aim to eliminate hunger in Malaysia one community at a time, TLFP prevents quality, nutritious food and other surplus goods from going to landfill and redistributes this food and other essential items to those in regardless of their religion, gender, age, disability or ethnic group.

On rotation, 6 Telcowinners volunteers came around to form a committee to help the TLFP team get on board with the implementation of Salesforce NPFP that are broken into 3 different phases. The Telcowin volunteers pledges 4 hours each a week and the organisation waives 100% of the implementation fees. All of us at Telcowin hopes that once all phases of implementation are completed, the usage of Salesforce NPSP will help increase TLFP’s productivity in their donor, accounts and volunteer management in the future. The rest of us are also eager to go on-ground and lend a helping hand once the coast is clear for the public to go out and volunteer.

As a frequent reminder from Hafiz Izwan the CEO of Telcowin to his team, Telcowin does not just refer to us Telling Companies how to Win. ‘Companies’ in this sense refers to the organisation and the ‘company’ we have among each other to help us reach higher heights, be better and a greater version of we are now as an individual and as a team. May we together weather out this storm and rise higher and greater than ever before!  Like Aaron Lauritsen says in his 100 Days Drive: The Great North American Road Trip book “the struggles we endure today will be the ‘good old days’ we laugh about tomorrow”!

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