We all imagine ourselves traveling to distant lands in the summer, getting sunlight and snow on our ski vacations in winter, or taking a picture of our loved one in front of a gorgeous landscape. What can often stay hidden in that lovely perspective is how we impact those desired lands with our daily choices.

Do we think of greenhouse gas emissions and plastic reduction when we plan our next vacation? Maybe, maybe not. The Appfire family thinks it’s time to start.

That is why we joined the Earth Month Ecochallenge this April to connect the dots between our values and our actions! Our team, called The EarthWhile Project, strives to show how small actions lead to global changes. It takes several days to build a habit, and that is exactly what our team of changemakers is planning to do.

Let’s dive into some of our achievements throughout the month:

  • Supporting local food systems with buying the weekly groceries from a farmer’s market;
  • Spreading the word about energy alternatives like solar energy and wind turbines;
  • Growing herbs, spices, or even veggies in our home-gardens;
  • Planting local sorts of trees to places that desperately need forest restoration;
  • Reducing food waste by cooking and eating mindfully, store food properly, and be cautious about foods’ expiration dates;
  • Choosing led bulbs over incandescent ones;
  • Learning more about the products that contribute to deforestation and remove them from our current lifestyle.

And these are just a few items from the big list of common choices each of us makes daily. Imagine thousands of people switching to public transport, walking or biking. Imagine everyone buying their morning breakfast with a reusable lunchbox. It’s not so hard, right? 🙂

We all want to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature, breathe clean air, and see how our kids grow in pure and healthy lands. Every day is a good day to take a step in this direction! Join the Ecochallenge today and keep it forever. ?


(Header) Photo of the mountains in Bulgaria courtesy of Cody Wooten.