We’re wrapping-up our first year as participants in Pledge 1%, and we’re amazed to see  how transformational this pledge has been for our team. Our company, Debug Pest Control is just as the name would suggest: a pest control company. People don’t really expect a pest control company to be socially engaged or visibly active in their communities. But we changed that expectation this year; we definitely raised the bar, and people have noticed.

This year, we made a year-long commitment to one of our core values: We Care. Pledge 1% gave us the framework to make that commitment possible. As a team, Debug employees participated in food drives, walks and runs to benefit various causes, but our largest and most enduring project has been our Pollinator Garden.

As pest control professionals, we see first-hand the plight of honeybees. For years, we have done our best to educate our consumers about saving bees. Whenever we encounter honeybees in a residence or business, we do everything we can to save the bees and relocate them to an area farm where they can thrive. This year, though, we wanted to showcase our commitment to helping pollinators and other beneficial insects.

We adopted a busy traffic rotary in the center of town and selected plants specific to pollinators. Our team prepped the soil, planted, spread mulch, weeded, and watered this space all summer. We created signage to educate passers-by about our garden and its important mission.

We think we’re a good example of how a small company can make a big impression on their community.

Debug Pest Control was acknowledged for our commitment to caring in Providence Business News

Our State’s Highway Department contacted us about using our Pollinator Garden as the model for all adopted traffic islands throughout the State.

You can read more about our commitment to saving honeybees here.

See here for more photos of the Debug Team in action.