This story was submitted as part of the #Pledge1Gives GivingTuesday campaign, which celebrates the many ways our member companies are having an impact around the world.

By Project Alianza.

Sometimes the world seems so broken, it can feel like there’s nothing to be done. We can end up thinking that nothing we do matters, not realizing that we each have the power to make a difference. That if we think beyond your daily life and recognize that what we choose to do matters, even the smallest action can make the world brighter.

We say this because we know, and we want you to know too – what you do matters. Through Pledge 1% making a difference is turned into a habit. In Project Alianza’s five short years of existence as an organization, we’ve grown from a tiny but devoted team into a movement that has impacted over 8,000 lives and it’s all because people all over the world decided to do something. With the support of sponsors like Eleva Coffee, Uber, and Tinker Coffee, we’ve cheered as students become the first ever to graduate from fifth grade in their communities, and watched as their friends and siblings followed in their footsteps. We’ve known single mothers who have worked to achieve financial independence and pursued higher degrees so they could build the best life possible for their kids. We’ve lent a hand while communities have built new schools and filled them with books and students.

Communities are stronger, lives are changed, and a brighter future is taking shape all because people like you knew that they had the power to do something, and so they did. Through Pledge 1% you have the power to provide the sustained and committed support it takes to shape the future for a bright world. That’s why we want you to know that what you do, what you create, what you give – it all matters. You are pledging 1% to make someone else’s world better.