We at Appluent feel very fortunate to be growing our company together as a team and understand that we’ve all had help getting this far in our own personal situations. Paying it forward is a philosophy to which we all subscribe and hold in high regard. That’s why we were so excited that a program like Pledge 1% existed. It provided us with an organized platform that helped us make sure our philanthropic efforts were maximized.


Each member of the Appluent team (and our families) have been touched by cancer in some way. We’ve witnessed the physical, psychological, and emotional drain this disease has on those affected as well as their loved ones. For Pete’s Sake has given us a chance to contribute to an organization that gives cancer patients and their caregivers a break from cancer–something we all wish we could do (have done) for our loved ones. That’s why, on April 15th, 2018, we successfully raised $3,970 for Angie Guin (45 years old, diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017). This allowed the For Pete’s Sake Cancer Respite Foundation to send her and her family on a respite vacation to Disney World in Florida.


Angie hasn’t been able to work during treatment and has to drive 2 hours to each appointment. The family is under a lot of emotional and financial stress. This trip gave them a chance to smile, laugh, create memories and make love greater than cancer!


Upon their return home, Angie shared the impact of the trip with us.
“This was our only family trip in 10 years – and it was the trip of a lifetime! The memories we created replaced the bad memories we have of the cancer journey. For Pete’s Sake helped us push the reset button on life.” – Angie


Appluent has teams in the United States and India, which multiplies our ability to reach out and volunteer at local schools for underprivileged children, walk to raise money for cancer respites, and help nonprofits with Salesforce implementations.