Launching a startup is exciting, but it can also be an expensive and difficult environment to navigate. Stuck in the Sand’s mission is to give entrepreneurs a foundation, as well as easy access to tools to build on their ideas.  For our 1% pledge, we have been giving back in the form of offering free mentorship and guidance to those who may not have as much money, time, or experience to begin navigating the startup world.

Each Tuesday, we host a free workshop known as “Unstuck Tuesdays” where aspiring entrepreneurs can come pitch their ideas to one another, give and get feedback from their peers, meet with a mentor, and have a free workspace at our offices for the day to continue building on their ideas. We strive to give everyone a chance to make their ideas a reality. Through the workshop, we have seen meaningful connections be made and first-time entrepreneurs find ways to progress their business through simple collaboration with other like-minded individuals. We also continue to give back by offering free services to college students who desire to start a business. We will go to college campuses to give a lecture about startups, offer guidance to students who want to start a business, and help build them a prototype or idea plan for free.

For a student, financial resources are limited but their ideas are big, therefore it is important to give them the chance to learn how to make their ideas into a viable business. At Stuck in the Sand, we believe you do well by doing good which is why we prioritize giving back because helping others is the best way to succeed.