The mission of non-profits is to help and give back to those in need around the world. To be successful, these organizations have established fundraising and marketing programs using the data stored on their Salesforce platforms. OwnBackup supports non-profit organizations by guarding this Salesforce data against data loss and corruption with comprehensive Salesforce backup and recovery capabilities. As a Pledge 1% member, OwnBackup donates backup and recovery services to various non-profits, through product discounts, supporting world-renowned relief organizations in the healthcare, social and legal services, education, and environmental advocacy sectors. Busy non-profits need a reliable, efficient backup solution that can support their growing Salesforce infrastructure.

With OwnBackup, the Salesforce platform data of these non-profits are fully protected against data loss and corruption. This provides giving their teams peace of mind as they continue to run their organizations and integrate essential data onto the Salesforce platform. Non-profits trust OwnBackup to not only safeguard their data and provide better insight into data changes, but to also help them quickly and efficiently recover in the event of a data crisis.

It is the OwnBackup mission to ensure that no company operating in the cloud should ever lose data. OwnBackup provides daily, automated Salesforce backups and ensures rapid recovery of deleted or corrupted data with relationships, as well as sophisticated data compare tools to identify and scope any data loss or corruption. Whether the deletions or corruptions were caused by human error, malicious intent, integrations with external systems, or bad code or triggers, OwnBackup allows non-profits to quickly and completely recover. OwnBackup proactive Smart Alerts provide an additional layer of protection by ensuring data changes don’t go unnoticed.

People do not focus on what companies do, they focus on the reasons why they do it. Every organization, especially non-profits, set a mission and goals that demonstrate why they do what they do. OwnBackup prides itself on helping data-driven non-profits protect their data as they continue their missions to bring positive change in the world.