Originally published on the Velocity Werx blog.

May 30, 2018—Velocity Werx Ltd. announced its Pledge 1% quarterly profits went to the Humboldt Broncos Ryan Straschnitzki.

Like every Canadian, we were taken back when this tragedy occurred.

We followed the #SticksoutForHumboldt movement, and we participated in #Jerseysforhumboldt. But, it just didn’t feel like enough, what else could we do.

On Jersey Day we decided that 1% of our quarterly profits would go towards the Humboldt Broncos.

Our founder Trevor Perraton, who is always up for volunteering decided he would bartend at Paint & Wine Night, hosted at the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre. He added to our profits all of the tips that he received that night.

This cause was especially close to Trevor’s heart, as his son’s name is also Ryan and he was born in the same hospital at the same time as Ryan Straschnitzki.

Ryan Straschnitzki’s mother reached out to Trevor via Social media after seeing our posts. They were able to arrange a meet up at the hospital. Trevor said that this was a visit he will never forget. He would like to thank Ryan and his family for reaching out.

We’re a family-oriented company, and we wanted to ensure that this cheque wasn’t faceless. What we mean by that is, we wanted Ryan and the other Broncos to know that there are people out there that care about their well being more than they know.

Please keep donating to this cause, these families will be dealing with medical expenses for the rest of their lives.

Let’s help take one less stress off their plates.



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