SaLisa Berrien, Founder and CEO of COI Energy Services, has over 25 years of experience in the electric power and smart grid space. From working in vertically integrated utilities (PP&L and PECO Energy) prior to deregulation to ConEdison Solutions a deregulated energy services company, and then on to Smart Grid, Clean Tech, Big Data Analytics, and SaaS Solutions, SaLisa has had a diverse career in the energy space. In her early career, she sold the first electric vehicle (G-Van) in her region. She later went on to help EnerNOC become a #1 Demand Response company in the industry. She credits her first company out of college for laying the foundation for a successful long-term career in the industry. PP&L (which is now PPL) ensured their employees put its customers first regardless of personal priorities. She has brought this practice to COI Energy with the “Platinum Rule – Do unto your customer as they would have you to do unto them.”

SaLisa is also the Founder and Board Chair of STRIVE Inc., a 501c3 charitable organization founded in 1995 which focuses on STEM leadership development training for students in 3rd thru 12th grades. STRIVE has three NSBE Jr. Chapters in PA and FL. In 2013, she established COI Ladder Institute to focus on delivering leadership and empowerment services to millennials and women. Annually, COI Ladder Institute hosts a conference in Martha’s Vineyard.

SaLisa’s personal and professional mission is to positively impact the space she occupies by leaving it better off than it was when she found it. She does this through her work in servant leadership, philanthropy, environmental stewardship, and with COI Energy. COI Energy mission is to make the world more energy efficient. We pledge 1% of our revenue to saving the environment through non-profit initiatives.

Our solution the COI OptimizerTM helps electric utilities and businesses of all sizes identify and manage existing energy resources in order to improve energy performance of buildings and monetize those flexible energy resources that can support the electric grid. The platform learns energy behavior utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It uses that information to predict future usage patterns, create energy saving and revenue generating opportunities. We offer four products in our suite of services including: OptimizeDRTM, OptimizeEETM, OptimizeRETM, and OptimizeIRTM.