What is your name and title?

Jaylena D Lomenech, Customer Success Specialist, Salesforce

Briefly describe your role at your company?

My role is focused on delivering solution based customer support that enables our customers to use Pardot at Potential. I drive adoption through demonstrations of our product and strategy recommendations.

How long have you been in your current position?

1 year 8 months as Customer Success Specialist 3 years 4 months total at Salesforce

What advice do you have for women who are just starting their career?

Remain driven and focused. See every moment as an opportunity for growth. Keep track of your ideas, your dreams and goals. Keep a small notebook nearby to jot down those moments of “aha” or “ooh that’s a great idea.” Once the moment pases, you’ve lost the opportunity, so take control and take action.

Is there a cause that is particularly close to you? If so, why this cause and how did you get involved?

Whoa this one’s a doozy. I am passionate about equality and the arts. I am wrapping up a successful term as the Vice President of BOLDforce (Black Organization for Leadership and Development) our Employee Resource Group at Salesforce. Our team is focused on mentorship opportunities, employee retention and leadership opportunities for career development.

My undergraduate degree is in History so I have a strong affinity toward art + history. Through various art institutions, most recently as the Vice President of MoAD (Museum of the African

Diaspora) I have focused on driving educational opportunities in the community. Specifically focused on underserved demographics where access is limited or interest is.

Do you serve as a mentor? If so, what does mentorship mean to you?

Yes. Mentorship to me means partnering with my mentee to ensure they are focused not only on professional growth but also mental and emotional strength. It is not an easy task to be successful in in all things. There will be times where plans go well, and other times where everything comes crashing down. Ensuring that they are mentally prepared to respond and manage both scenarios is key in how they will define themselves as a leader.

My role is to ensure that my mentee develops confidence in their skills and inherent abilities. What is written on paper is only a fraction of what one has to offer. I focus on developing my mentee so that they bring their whole self to a project, discussion or task. As a mentor I focus on ensuring my mentee is cultivating relationships that create a support that will drive success. This will allow him or her to learn about career paths at different levels in the company.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to yourself 5 years ago?

Do not allow fear, lack of knowledge or understanding to turn you away. It is normal to have fear, how you respond to that will determine what happens next.

Take time to reflect. What is the lesson, what is the opportunity. This is how growth happens.

I was born in the month of August, so I am a very proud Leo. I have surrounded myself with a pride of successful, engaged, driven women over the last few years. Continue to build your network. Advisors, mentors, sponsors and cheerleaders will come from various fields, in different industries across a range of ages. Each one offers something unique that will benefit you as a person. Just listen.

Trust your instinct. It has led you on the right path thus far, continue to listen.
Continue to lead with grace and execute in style. Never shy away from what makes you unique.

Are you reading anything interesting at the moment? Please share your most recent favorite read!

Brave Not Perfect​ by Reshma Saujani
Circe​ by Madeline Miller

If you could sit down with three women (living or dead) for dinner, who would those three women be (and why!)?

Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt – She became the first queen to take on the title of pharaoh, essentially embodying the role of a man, which carried more weight and responsibility than the role of a queen. Wow! The audacity, the bravery, the confidence needed to understand the importance of her position and recognize her own significance and what should could contribute as a leader to her people.

Josephine Baker – I find her story fascinating! She left her home country for another and found tremendous success there, during a time where the way of life for many African-Americans was less than desirable. Among her many contributions, including her role as a resistance fighter, I am fascinated mostly with her rainbow-tribe; the group of children from across the globe whom she adopted. As a leader in our Employee Resource Group BOLDforce (Black Organization for Leadership and Development), I focus on cultivating Equality in the workplace. Creating an environment where people from different racial, social and financial backgrounds can come together with respect and support of one another. Her rainbow tribe is what society should aspire to be – a loving family.

Rihanna Fenty – I am a huge fan of her music! As her albums have released, she continues to evolve and use her platform for good. I respect her openness about difficult life choices she has made and how she has grown from them. She is one of a few artists that is 100% committed to giving back to her people. The country of Barbados continues to benefit from the tremendous contribution she provides. They in turn have honored her in numerous ways, including an honorary Ambassador title. She plays an important role in philanthropy and what a philanthropist looks like. For the young people of color to see someone that looks like them in a philanthropic capacity, is fundamental for the development of the next generation of Philanthropists.

As an Ambassador for the National Museum of African American History & Culture I consider myself a philanthropist. It is important that the next generation of leaders have representation.

What’s something coming up soon (personally or professionally) that super excites you?

My graduation ceremony from Saint Mary’s College of California. I am the first in my family to graduate from university with an advanced degree. My entire family is planning a big trip from Los Angeles to attend. I’m pretty stoked!